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Functional Testing and Doctors Data

Dear Valued Colleagues

Many Health Care Practitioners have embraced the model of Functional Medicine patient-based medical care, enhancing their practices and helping to reverse chronic illness.  Now an opportunity has arisen for us to add further value to your practice of applying  Functional  Medicine . We are offering to facilitate easier and more affordable Functional Testing through a highly accredited Functional Testing Laboratory in the USA – Doctor’s Data.

We have created a process whereby we will be able to provide test kits to doctors for specimen collection, and also to collect the specimens from around the country and ship in batches to the US for testing, attempting to reduce the burden of transit costs for these specimens.

Our hope is that this will remove some of the difficulty and cost of performing comprehensive testing that has up to now been prohibitively expensive.  Our position is that clinical decision-making is only as good as the information that it is based on, and so in complex cases it is sometimes warranted to do these more comprehensive tests, many of which are not offered by local labs.

“We look forward to our new partnership with Amipro  and with the Functional Medicine practitioners of South Africa. We are committed to providing sound science based testing, coupled with clinical insight to improve patient outcomes. We believe that this new venture with Amipro will result in easier access to affordable testing which can help practitioners target treatments and enhance their patients’ satisfaction.”  Darrell Hickok CEO Doctors Data

Amipro is committed to helping to facilitate and improve healthcare in SA by these means, and will be continuing to offer education on an on-going basis. We hope you will use this opportunity and initiate new exciting prospects in your practice.

Kind regards

Lorraine Leas

Director   Pharmacist

Tel: 011 802 8101


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