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Functional Testing and Labrix

Amipro is proud to bring further functional lab options to South Africa practitioners and patients in the form of our new partnershop with Labrix in the United States. Labrix are renowned for their expertise in neurotransmitter and hormone testing.
Labrix was founded to address the clinician's need for precision and reliability and the scientist's demand for quality and integrity. Labrix is a CLIA certified laboratory and is also certified to test in the State of New York. This hard to achieve certification is a gold seal of approval on the quality and reproducibility of our testing results. Labrix Clinical Services, Inc. is headquartered in the Pacific Northwest and uses state-of-the-art saliva hormone testing techniques.

Kind regards

Lorraine Leas

Director   Pharmacist

Tel: 011 802 8101


Tests Offered
Salivary Hormone Testing

Neurotransmitter Testing
Melatonin Testing

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