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Practitioner Registration

Why should I register as an Amipro Practitioner?

How can I benefit, and more importantly, how can my patients benefit by registering on the Amipro Practitioner registration page?

Amipro, together with Functional Medicine South Africa may offer solutions to difficult chronic health conditions by its unique education offerings and doctors only content.

What Educational opportunities are on offer?

Live onsite International Seminars with Renowned Speakers, accomplished in the Functional and Lifestyle Medicine paradigms; distance learning monthly Webinars designed to help you, the practitioner enjoy the benefits of “international seminars” in the comfort of your office; onsite practitioner workshops to enable you to implement and apply what you have learnt into your practice starting on Monday morning; Metagenics Education webinars and Nutrition Masters Courses; additional up-to-date information on our face book pages and newsletters.

Amipro also offers science-based Nutraceuticals, Medical Foods and Selected Kinase Response Modulatorsfrom Metagenics, successfully merging the disciplines of Nutrigenomics, Functional Medicine and Therapeutic Lifestyle Programs, in the form of successful protocols to all health professionals, integrating with mainstream and natural medicine to optimise authentic and dependable results.

In addition to these opportunities, Amipro also provides a Comprehensive Set of Tools to Build Your Natural Medicine Practice, including questionnaires to interpret a variety of conditions.

  1. Detoxification protocols:
    a. 10 day and 28 day Clear Change program
    b. 49 Day detox and cleanse program from Dr Kristi Hughes
  2. Stress Identi T program questionnaires designed to help your patients identify their targeted stress conditions, with a guideto help alleviate the stress,
  3. Clinical Guides which makes it easy to apply protocols, Brochures and booklets for counters, coffee tables and stands. Posters for windows, counters and walls, Window Stickers, Shelf branding opportunities
  4. Patient Booklets These guides are informative, easy-to-read and are designed to help your patients understand and apply the programs at home: Screening Questionnaires – Stress Identi T tests, Clinical Information Sheets, Health Screening Tests
  5. Metagenics provides lifestyle programs that are business centres in their own right. With a wealth of information on implementing these programs in your clinic, comprehensive sales support, technical backup, and comprehensive support materials, these programs should become highly effective businesses within your clinic.

Please note if you choose to, or have already registered as a practitioner, we have to validate your Practitoner Number.

Once verified you will have access to the doctors only section, and be able to see get online quotes and view our products price's online.

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