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Get the Strength & Benefits You Expect

Probiotics can vary significantly in potency, efficacy, and safety. And specific strains can have different effects on health. Give your patients reliable, targeted probiotic support.

The Metagenics Difference

  • Demonstrated health support.
  • Formulated using probiotic strains with scientifically established health benefits.*
  • Effective dosages.Based on clinical and scientific data.*
  • Clinically reliable.Assured through potency testing and the genetic identification of beneficial strains.*
  • Potency guaranteed.
  • Laboratory tested to assure label claim of live, active cultures through date of expiration.

Other Common Brands

Not all strains have been scientifically shown to support human health. Some formulas contain lower levels of probiotics than used in research. Many companies do not verify bacterial strains to ensure beneficial and repeatable results. Some companies only guarantee potency at date of manufacture.

When “good” bacteria goes “bad”
A probiotic that fails to meet label claim—either in live organism count or strain verification—won’t deliver expected outcomes. And products that contain strains without scientifically established health benefits may not be health-promoting bacteria at all. That’s why it’s important to know the probiotics you give your patients are effectively supporting their unique health needs. Make sure your probiotic formulas list and verify genera, species, and strains (e.g., L. acidophilus NCFM®, B. lactis Bi-07) for clinically reliable outcomes.*

Clinical efficacy through potency testing & strain identification*
Probiotic strains (even those belonging to the same species) have specific characteristics that determine their ability to benefit human health. Their beneficial effects on the intestines and immune system can also vary. Metagenics probiotic formulas provide scientifically identified, health-promoting strains for targeted applications.* And, unlike some probiotics that indicate potency at date of manufacture, Metagenics assures potency at the date of expiration. Probiotic formulas you can depend on for patient health* You can trust Metagenics to deliver beneficial probiotic strains at reliably potent doses to target individual health needs.

So your patients always get the strength and benefits they expect.*

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