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Advanced Methylation - Evolving the Practitioner Toolkit - Dr Kara Fitzgerald


Do you find it difficult to decide whether to methylate your patient or not?

Dr. Fitzgerald is changing the conversation around methylation. In this 1-day seminar, she will enhance your methylation support toolkit with more comprehensive, nuanced and upstream interventions, beyond methylated 8-vitamins alone, that provide the most effective and safest support for patients. Methylation is a fundamental, homeodynamic process utilized by the body for myriad activities, ranging from cell division, CNS development and epigenetic regulation of genetic expression to immune cell differentiation, neurotransmitter biosynthesis, detoxification and hormone biotransformation. In a nutshell, it is a vitally important process. Methylation deficits have been associated with a variety of conditions, including Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), autism, advanced aging, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, immune hypersensitivity, and inflammation. Dr. Fitzgerald will show you how to complement your methylation support toolkit with dietary and lifestyle interventions, how to think about other focal points, such as the microbiome and mitochondrial health in the context of methylation, and how we might offset the risks of hypermethylation, promoting a safe balance. You will leave with actionable knowledge and tools that you can start to use in your office straight away.

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Seminar Invitation - Advanced Methylation Seminar Invitation - Advanced Methylation (1738 KB)


DURBAN: Thurs 26 Oct - The Oyster Box
CAPE TOWN: Sat 28 Oct - The Table Bay Hotel
JOHANNESBURG: Sun 29 Oct - The Maslow
Time: 8:30 -4:30 Lunch and refreshments provided

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